This is Poppy, a gray enby cat with long black hair and blank oval eyes. They are wearing a purple checkerboard tanktop.

Poppy Farbird's Web Page!


Hey! This is a blog for me, Poppy Farbird. I've created this site to have a personal space for myself on the internet. This, basically, will be all about me and what I've created. Feel free to explore what I have posted here, whether it is my art, animations, major projects, or writings. You can also use this to find out what I'm doing across other websites.

Creative Works I've Made

Suggestive Art (NSFW)

Links to My Main Accs

Main Fedi Acc
Main Art Acc
NSFW Art Acc
FurAffinity Account

Links to Rarely Used or Backup Accs

Former Fedi Acc
Newgrounds Account
Tumblr Account

Other Places to Explore

About Me
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